Saturday, June 28, 2008


I have been talked into starting another blog. This one is geared toward my adventures in caricature or what I am now dubbing Cliffcature.

For a long time I struggled with drawing caricatures. The problems I had stemmed from not knowing what to exaggerate and how much. Also it was a problem of medium. I had always thought caricatures were pretty much all done in marker or perhaps pastels. Overtime I realized this wasn't the case. I also learned the differences between live caricatures and those done from references which are the ones you are far more likely to see published. These are the kinds I generally do now. Though I have taken a stab or two at drawing live ones as well to mixed results.

So without further ado here is a Cliffcature:

This one was drawn for a monthly competition at E Caricatures a website that I joined a year ago but only just recently returned to.

That's it for now. Tommorrow I shall post some of the one I have done for fellow World Artist Network members.


Terry said...

I have no idea who Mary Murphy is, but she looks quite scary.

Gerard D. is one of your best, though.

Froth said...

Thank you Terry.