Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some sketches and a decision.

Here are a few sketches I have done recently in Sketchbook Pro:

I drew Dolly for the March contest over at e-caricatures. I may or may not do a more finished version.

Jon has such a fascinating face. I have drawn it a dozen times and none of them I am completely satisfied with. This probably comes closest to where I want it to be. One day I hope to do a finished colored version of him.

I drew Coulter because I love her long neck. Every time I see her I feel compelled to start drawing her but haven't until now. This one I will turn into a finished colored painting eventually (digital painting that is). Will make a great companion piece for my O'Reilly.

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that I wanted to take a couple courses at I want to take Character Design with Stephen Silver and A Caricature class by Jason Seiler. Unfortunately I can't afford both. I had decided to take Silver's course this year and Seiler's another year, but re-thinking it I have decided to take them both after all. However instead of taking the full course I will take the self-taught versions. While I have no doubt that the full version is well worth every penny, at present it is more economical for me to take the self-taught versions and take both. I will post progress updates as soon as I begin either of them (hopefully within the week if I am correct in thinking I can start them as soon as I pay being that they are self-taught).

I am almost done working on a dog caricature and will soon begin working on a colored pencil portrait for another client. Haven't done one of those in a bit, I look forward to it. I am also starting preliminary work for a special personal project I want to have completed by April. More on that later.


William Appledorn said...

nice work, man.

c'mon you made coulter way too nice looking :)

good thing nobody checked here and saw your Stewart caricature.

Cliff Roth said...

Thank you. I have started coloring her in using photoshop. will post an update soon. For now I am working on commissions and assignments from Seiler's class.

Pavel Jakubec said...

Very good sketches.