Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sorry for my lack of recent posts. I made some adjustments to the Randy Travis in my previous post and updated that post to include them. Nothing major just adjusted the ear and made the background all the same color, I had noticed there were some off spots in it.

Above is a caricature of Evie painted in photoshop. Still working out some printing issues but otherwise I am very happy with it. I enjoyed working on all the fur.

In other news I have tendinitis in my right wrist so I have been using my left hand more. This brings me to the below image. There is a thread on the ISCA forum for speedpaintings digital caricatures done in under an hour. Reading through this thread inspired me to attempt one myself........left handed. This is the result. It is Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin on The Office (the American version). While I am no way completely happy with it, for my left hand I am rather pleased. I intend to do more of these in the near future. I am probably going to take this one to completion eventually as well, but maybe not.

Hopefully soon my wrist will be better so I can get back to working on homework for Seiler's class and the other things I have going on.

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Jodi Dickhaut said...

I love Evie, she is so sweet looking. I guessed it was done in photoshop, do you do any conti crayon? because that's what it most resembles.