Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No art, just words.

Wow two posts in two days,lucky you. I have been working on so many projects some of which I am actually being paid for. Ever since burning my previous graphics card up my photoshop can't be used all day without garnering serious performance issues so I am taking a break from working for a bit.

So far today I have started a new Gary Sinise because I did not like where my previous version was going (except the mouth which I cut and pasted into the new one). I have been continuing to find a cohesive way of working. I didn't work on the Obama yet today because I want to be completely fresh on that when I continue it.

I am working on a logo for an aromatherapy company. That is going well so far (to me anyway) I am using Photoshop for it but I might eventually use Illustrator to get a clean version. I haven't used Illustrator for a long time (since I designed my last tattoo) and am kind of dreading using it, I never did quite get the hang of it.

I want to work on my Monk cast caricature later as well. I like working on several different pieces at once because it keeps me from getting bored, however I sometimes start too many to be practical. Many on the back burner. I figure as I search through my files I might get some inspired to finish one of them.

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