Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello Again

Here are those Office sketches I meant to post previously. Been too busy. I just got Sketchbook Pro and have been learning how to use it. I shall post some results soon. I also got 'Facial Expressions babies to Teens by Mark Simon for Christmas from my wonderful wife, Lisa. I shall be putting it to good use.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Office and Other Things.....

I have done a few more sketches from that wonderful show The Office. Right now I am posting B.J. Novak or the temp. I don't have the other couple scanned in yet.

Over the last couple days I have been reading through every one of Jason Seiler's blog posts as well as every one of Joe Bluhm's. Both of whose books I hope to receive for Christmas this year. I am hoping to be able to take Seiler's Schoolism course sometime next year and should be joining the NCN shortly. Currently reading Stephen Silver's blog. I am still in 05 so have a bit of catching up to do. I have learned a lot by reading through these artists blogs and they are leading me to other blogs. Overall well worth the reads.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

James Hetfield

This first sketch is my first attempt at sketching Metallica's James Hetfield. Obviously it didn't work out all that well. The second sketch is with the head redrawn and photoshopped onto the original sketches body. This is a study for a larger Metallica digital painting. I am going through WACOM withdrawal right now because I need replacement parts for my stylus. Probably will be another week or more until it arrives. There are some more pieces I might get to posting later.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SJP Sketch

While watching the Sex and the City movie with my wife last night, I couldn't resist sketching Sarah Jessica Parker. Finished it up this morning. I think it came out well but there are parts I think could be better. I am still in the process of reorganizing this blog so bear with me.

I think the problem I have been having with my WACOM is the nib on the stylus I think it needs to be changed but I don't remember where I have my spares. Frustrating. I hope I can find them so I don't need to purchase more. Eventually I need to get a new stylus anyway since the side switch popped off of mine and one of my kids lost it.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Figured out why the images that I have uploaded into blogger came out looking screwed up color-wise, I have them all saved as CMYK for printing and didn't switch to RGB for uploading to the web. Now I am going to go through all my posts and edit them so they take up less space so I can use a different layout and still have the images fully visible. Bear with me it might take a while. In the mean time here is a Kid Rock I drew for the November monthly contest over at E Caricatures

Here is my entry for the December contest:

This is my entry for the monthly drawing jam over at the caricature forum at The Drawing Board :

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feeling Sketchy

OOooooo three days in a row. I am impressed. It has a been an inspirational day. While looking through the threads at the World Artist Network group on MySpace, I saw a few things that made me want to draw. The first was a family photo of one of the members, that resulted in this quick digital sketch:

Hugh's Family

The other was a video of Terry Border from over at Bent Objects. Which resulted in some sketches in my newest sketchbook:

Terry Border Sketches

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No art, just words.

Wow two posts in two days,lucky you. I have been working on so many projects some of which I am actually being paid for. Ever since burning my previous graphics card up my photoshop can't be used all day without garnering serious performance issues so I am taking a break from working for a bit.

So far today I have started a new Gary Sinise because I did not like where my previous version was going (except the mouth which I cut and pasted into the new one). I have been continuing to find a cohesive way of working. I didn't work on the Obama yet today because I want to be completely fresh on that when I continue it.

I am working on a logo for an aromatherapy company. That is going well so far (to me anyway) I am using Photoshop for it but I might eventually use Illustrator to get a clean version. I haven't used Illustrator for a long time (since I designed my last tattoo) and am kind of dreading using it, I never did quite get the hang of it.

I want to work on my Monk cast caricature later as well. I like working on several different pieces at once because it keeps me from getting bored, however I sometimes start too many to be practical. Many on the back burner. I figure as I search through my files I might get some inspired to finish one of them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Better Obama

I started a new Obama caricature today. I am trying a new digital painting technique borrowed from Joe Bluhm I have been watching a lot of his YouTube videos lately. This one is coming a long much faster than my prior work has. I will probably incorporate some of my usual techniques into this one do come up with my own way. I have also been working on various other projects such as one of the cast of Monk. I will post some of that when I have something more on it.

I am going to be going through and organizing this blog better in the near future. At least I want to hopefully I actually get around to doing it. I have a habit of wanting to do more things than I actually ever get around to doing. Unless there is immediate money involved than I can bang something out pretty damn quick.