Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deleting other blogs....

I have three other blogs here on Blogger but I am going to be deleting them and rolling whatever content they have into this one. One is the first blog I started here which I kept up with for only a short while. It originally started out as a place for me to share my world but I generally only showed my Sunny and Gloom comic strips. I didn't keep up with it and eventually started this one for my caricatures and this one I have been keeping up with (for the most part) so I have decided to roll the that one into this one. The same goes for the other two blogs I have. One is for my fine art stuff and I never added more than a post or two and the other was for just my opinions on just about everything patterned after one that I have on my employers intranet. I never had quite the same motivation for that kind of thing outside of work so I didn't add anything so away it goes.

Here are some of the Sunny and Gloom strips that I had posted...

I will post the others shortly.

I never quite finalized the character design on them. I will hopefully be taking Stephen Silver's Character Design class and will hopefully finalize them after that.

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