Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unfinished business

This is a post that I originally posted awhile ago on one of the blogs that I deleted. Sadly I don't really have an update for them...

There are several projects that I have been working on intermittently that I would one day like to finish. Here I will list a few:

Jenesis-- I know a lot of Jens. There was a time I could easily be sitting at the diner with 3 or 4 of them at a time. I wondered what it would be like to live in a town where EVERY girl was named Jen. Than I thought what if there was a girl who wasn't? How would they treat her? Thus the seed for my story started. I started writing it with an outsider as the main character. Being new in town he goes to a local diner to meet the locals. He sees a beautful woman at the counter and makes the mistake of asking her name........thus it begins. Eventually he teams up with one of only two girls in town NOT named Jen, Sara. The other girl is named Janine and she wishes she was a Jen unlike Sara who things the whole town is insane. The plot gets stranger. I won't go into it further here otherwise there would be little point in you reading it should I ever get around to finishing it.
Although it started off as a short story than grew in scope I think I am going to make a graphic novel out of it instead. I can get more accomplished in more time with less space that way.

Toto's tale- A look at Oz from the dogs perspective. In my version the tale is told from Toto's view. In it while he is at the bitch neighbors garden he eats some shrooms. The world starts spinning and he trips. He than sees something he never saw before....color. The whole story is his journey while tripping until at the end it wears off and normality returns.

Collage of Colbert- I am working on a large sized portrait of Stephen Colbert made out of cut up pictures of George Bush. (edit: although I would have liked to do this I never actually started)

FOF- Another comic strip that is loosely based on my life. The main character Froth has four kids and works in a candy factory. Yes very loosely indeed. (edit: not likely to happen any time soon.)

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