Friday, January 30, 2009

Me, Me, Me...........Sick of Me Yet?

Here are some other artists take on my ugly mug. Thank you all.

By Alison Gelbman:

By Don Pinsent:

By Sinj:

By ioO:

By Inkwell:

Life Drawing this coming Monday....

A friend of mine, Zane Degaine told me about a life drawing session that is on Mondays. Next week shall be the first time I attend one of them (if all goes as planned). I look forward to it. I will post pictures when I have some scanned in. I also have more of me to post as depicted by others.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Even More Me

Here are several more depictions of me from the good folks at E-Caricatures and the Drawingboard.

By Tendho-

By Supermouse-

By Rowly-

By Phantazmo-

By Jodie-

Friday, January 23, 2009

While watching Jack's Big Music Show with my kids this morning. I got inspired to draw the violin duo Nuttin But Stringz. I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and did some gesture drawings and chose two that flowed nicely together and put them together via photoshop. Eventually I will work this sketch up to a finished drawing (of course I have had that plan for other pieces such as Dueling Wonkas which have yet to be completed).

Youthful ignorance

I have recently been getting back into MAD magazine mostly because of Tom Richmond's MAD blog. I used to read the magazine a lot as a kid and teen though truth be told I always preferred Cracked mazagine.

For a long time I used to think that Cracked was the original and MAD the imitator, hence the title of the post. In either case I used to view them both as the best magazines in the world. When I was old enough I would buy them but as a kid I would read them while my mother would shop. Years later I figured out that I was wrong in my thinking MAD imitated Cracked (this occurred around the time Wikipedia had entries on the two magazines).

I can't pinpoint exactly when or why I stopped reading them but as I got older I did. I recently purchased my first MAD magazine in many years. Although I liked much of what it contained there was only one article that made me laugh out loud and that was 'It's a GOOD brand name and a BAD brand name...' written by Jeff Kruse and illustrated by Joe Coker. The rest of the stuff in the magazine I found myself appreciating more for the art than the humor. Not to say the magazine was unfunny just that the bulk of it wasn't as funny as the average 'Pearls before swine' strip.

I am in the middle of reading MAD ART by Mark Evanier. Very interesting stuff between that and the Wikipedia pages I have learned a great deal(Not to mention from the aforementioned Richmond Blog).I really loved all the Don Martin stuff ( I knew him from Cracked and had no idea he was from MAD originally as was John Severin ).

I was disappointed that Cracked no longer exists as a print mag, the online thing is nowhere near as good. I didn't get a chance to catch the brief revamped print version but I suspect it was as much a disappointment as the revamped Ren and Stimpy was.

Since I brought them up I might as well talk about them. I loved Ren and Stimpy when I was a kid. What disappointment that Rugrats lasted as long as it did but they didn't. Doug was good too (until Disney ruined it). When Ren and Stimpy came out on Spike TV I was ecstatic. That didn't last long. While I did enjoy some of the stories I got the sense that it just went over the top. I love stuff that walks the edge but not when it goes over the edge like I felt this did. Much of it seemed to be vulgarity for vulgarities sake rather than for advancing the cartoon. It also had the misfortune of being on in a block with the superior Gary the Rat and Stripperella (in my opinion the best thing that Kelsey Grammer or Pamela Lee did). Those two cartoons I was surprised to see gone so soon. While I did find Ren and Stimpy to be a bit of a disappointment I didn't want to see it end before it really had a chance.

This post seems a bit random and discordant. I am going to edit it in the near future when my thoughts are more organized. I will also add some links.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something different.

Here are some older pieces that I have done. Felt like sharing something different today.

This one was sketched in pencil than done in illustrator. I drew it during a period in which I got a lot of people asking for 'tribal' style tattoos.

These two are colored pencil on colored card stock 8x10. Just a small sampling of the animals I have drawn. Unfortunately I do not have copies of most of them.

This one is graphite on paper 11x14. Thus far the only house I have been asked to draw. (unless you count Dr. House)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More caricatures of fellow caricaturists

Here are few more caricatures that I drew of fellow Drawingboard and E-Caricature members. Still working on exaggeration.


Chuck Drywall:

Bangalore Monkey:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hand Sketches..

Did these quick sketches while bored at work. You can clearly see the fold lines and neat shadows from when I folded the paper to put in my pocket. It is great practice and I have realized it is damn hard to keep my hand in the same position while I am drawing with the other one. Good reason to pick up my speed. Over all I am happy with them but I definately see room for improvement

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Me, Me and more Me

I recently posted some pictures of myself on both the DrawingBoard and E-Caricatures.
Some great artists have taken time out of their day to look at my ugly mug long enough to sketch me and for that I thank them.

By VHPayes:
By Rocky:
By Chris N.:
By Kaya:
By William Appledorn:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Setting myself up.....

Well I added that followers gadget to this page. I am a glutton for punishment so this should provide plenty of ego crushing experience.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unfinished business

This is a post that I originally posted awhile ago on one of the blogs that I deleted. Sadly I don't really have an update for them...

There are several projects that I have been working on intermittently that I would one day like to finish. Here I will list a few:

Jenesis-- I know a lot of Jens. There was a time I could easily be sitting at the diner with 3 or 4 of them at a time. I wondered what it would be like to live in a town where EVERY girl was named Jen. Than I thought what if there was a girl who wasn't? How would they treat her? Thus the seed for my story started. I started writing it with an outsider as the main character. Being new in town he goes to a local diner to meet the locals. He sees a beautful woman at the counter and makes the mistake of asking her name........thus it begins. Eventually he teams up with one of only two girls in town NOT named Jen, Sara. The other girl is named Janine and she wishes she was a Jen unlike Sara who things the whole town is insane. The plot gets stranger. I won't go into it further here otherwise there would be little point in you reading it should I ever get around to finishing it.
Although it started off as a short story than grew in scope I think I am going to make a graphic novel out of it instead. I can get more accomplished in more time with less space that way.

Toto's tale- A look at Oz from the dogs perspective. In my version the tale is told from Toto's view. In it while he is at the bitch neighbors garden he eats some shrooms. The world starts spinning and he trips. He than sees something he never saw before....color. The whole story is his journey while tripping until at the end it wears off and normality returns.

Collage of Colbert- I am working on a large sized portrait of Stephen Colbert made out of cut up pictures of George Bush. (edit: although I would have liked to do this I never actually started)

FOF- Another comic strip that is loosely based on my life. The main character Froth has four kids and works in a candy factory. Yes very loosely indeed. (edit: not likely to happen any time soon.)

Deleting other blogs....

I have three other blogs here on Blogger but I am going to be deleting them and rolling whatever content they have into this one. One is the first blog I started here which I kept up with for only a short while. It originally started out as a place for me to share my world but I generally only showed my Sunny and Gloom comic strips. I didn't keep up with it and eventually started this one for my caricatures and this one I have been keeping up with (for the most part) so I have decided to roll the that one into this one. The same goes for the other two blogs I have. One is for my fine art stuff and I never added more than a post or two and the other was for just my opinions on just about everything patterned after one that I have on my employers intranet. I never had quite the same motivation for that kind of thing outside of work so I didn't add anything so away it goes.

Here are some of the Sunny and Gloom strips that I had posted...

I will post the others shortly.

I never quite finalized the character design on them. I will hopefully be taking Stephen Silver's Character Design class and will hopefully finalize them after that.

Some E-Caricature members

These are members of E-Caricatures.
My tablet is still acting up so I will not be doing much digital work until I get my new Cintiq sometime next month. I can't wait. In the mean time I have been using my pencil a lot more. I have a few portrait commissions in the pipeline as well as a couple of digital caricature ones. There is also a logo for an aromatherapy company I have to finish up.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From the Sketchbook

These were all done of kids in the book 'Facial Expressions Babies to Teens- a visual reference for artists' by Mark Simon which my wonderful wife got for me for Christmas.

She also got me Joe Bluhm's book 'Rejects- the extree3m art of retail caricature'. God I love her.